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We are a creative software development company

We believe that the ecological footprint can be reduced through ideas that are born out of synergy.

Every project inspires us, because every idea is another aspect of the world. 

From strategic planning to implementation, our service is present and supports your partner to ensure that the technical parameters of the product, together with the user needs, are successfully positioned in the market.

Diagram of human centerd design

Our projects


/under planning/

Networking is a sometimes difficult but necessary part of the life of a company’s employees. We dig deep into how to build a sustainable working relationship during that short coffee break. We brought the research results to life in an app – at the design level

Two mobile slightly overlapping with screenshots the React app

Checkin /

Checkin System

For our client in Germany, we developed an application that supported guest access to public spaces in a pandemic situation, despite the restrictions in force

Screeshot of the Checkin app


/under planning/

The product of this project will be the app on your phone that provides the security you need in most situations. It will support you in authentic documentation of claims and digital signing of contracts.

Screenshot of the LegitiMe app